We’re pleased to announce that the Solvay Brussels School and the École des Ponts Paris Tech have formed a strategic alliance to launch, the Solvay – Ponts MBA - a flagship programme for innovation management in a global economy. The program leverages the latest research and traditions of excellence in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship of two schools. It offers truly an international experience with learning opportunities across four continents, global visiting faculty and peers from around the world. Participants benefit from a unique set of career services to boost their career and create new business opportunities.  

With a focus on leadership, stra- tegy and innovation, our E-MBA is tailored for mid-career professio- nals aspiring to senior executive positions or willing to start their own business. Offered jointly with the Fox School of Business in the USA - ranked among the top 55 in the world by Financial Times - this dual-degree program grants ac- cess to two powerful alumni net- works. Our unique one-weekend- a-month format helps participants keep their professional and per- sonal lives in balance. Courses are taught in Paris by world-class faculty invited from around the globe and participants may also take courses in any of our partner programs in China, Morocco, the USA, Singapore and Colombia...

Blending field-tested academic concepts and best practices with real-world experience, we develop programs specially designed to meet the fast-changing needs of corporate executives; such as the Summer TIME School - 3 weeks in July dedicated to Technology & Innovation Mana- gement and Entrepreneurship or the Enterprise Risk Management Cycle.

We also design specially-tailored programs, workshops and learning series, as well as branded MBA programs - e.g. the KPMG Executive MBA - for leading companies, SMBs, governmental agencies, NGOs and academic partners in France and overseas.

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